JACKSON – A joint investigation by Special Agents with the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and multiple local, state and federal agencies has resulted in 39 individuals being arrested over the weekend, facing a variety of charges, ranging from drug and weapons charges to outstanding warrants and probation violation.

The 12-hour, multi-agency saturation operation was conducted from 1:00 p.m. Friday, April 28th, through 1:00 a.m. Saturday, April 29th, within the city of Savannah and Hardin County, in an effort to combat a recent increase in crime within the county. More than 65 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies participated in the saturation: TBI, Savannah Police Department, Hardin County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee Highway Patrol Interdiction Plus Team, 24th Judicial District Drug Task Force, Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Tennessee Department of Corrections Special Operations, TDOC Office of Investigations and Compliance, and TDOC Probation and Parole Division.

The operation involved compliance checks of sex offenders and home checks of individuals on parole and probation in the city and county. Those arrested were booked into the Hardin County Jail. Some of the individuals were transported to other facilities due to space issues.

Those arrested include:

  • Jonathan Alexander, DOB 12/30/1986
  • Dominick Angellucci, DOB 7/05/1979
  • Vernie R. Benson, DOB 1/20/1968
  • Regina Blunt, DOB 5/17/1966
  • Donald Booker, DOB 9/30/1985
  • Larry Devore, DOB 11/29/1970
  • Tracy Dixon, DOB 10/09/1966
  • Zanto Frierson, DOB 4/15/1983
  • Jonathan Haggard, DOB 2/24/1983
  • Kristina Harris, DOB 5/26/1992
  • Edward Henry, Jr., DOB 12/27/1971
  • Sharon Hicks, DOB 10/24/1974
  • Steven Hicks, DOB 10/29/1979
  • David Hill, Jr., DOB 2/12/1993
  • Tracy Jackson, DOB 10/09/1966
  • Debbie Johnson, DOB 7/29/1961
  • Jennifer Johnson, DOB 2/24/1983
  • Isabella McBride, DOB 1/16/1995
  • Joseph McCowan, DOB 5/11/1970
  • Johnny McCully, Jr., DOB 7/18/1990
  • Kyle Madon, DOB 9/05/1989
  • Joseph Morgan, DOB 10/06/1973
  • Jonathan Pierce, DOB 1/07/1987
  • Jackie Pinson, DOB 9/21/1985
  • Stephen Risner, DOB 1/31/1987
  • Jessica Rhoades, DOB 8/31/1982
  • John Ross, DOB 10/15/1955
  • Shayna Rowe, DOB 8/20/1987
  • Deborah Russell, DOB 3/14/1957
  • Cody Snodgrass, DOB 6/23/1991
  • Stephanie Spencer, DOB 9/07/1990
  • Terry Tharp, DOB 10/10/ 1976
  • Danny Tinin, DOB 8/16/1978
  • David Tucker, DOB 4/07/1969
  • Joseph Tucker, DOB 1/16/1973
  • Jarvis Weatherly, DOB 4/26/1989
  • Shantell Wells, DOB 7/19/1996
  • Zachary Whitehead, DOB 2/06/1985
  • Nicholle Woods, DOB 6/21/1980

Due to the volume of individuals arrested, we are not able to provide booking photos. Those photos, along with the specific charges for each individual, are available through the Hardin County Jail.