On March 21, 2014 at 1:30 PM, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will be hosting the graduation ceremony for the first class of graduates from the Child Protective Service (CPS) Investigator Training Academy. The ceremony will be held at the headquarters of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The CPS Investigator Training Academy was developed in collaboration with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

The CPS Investigator Training Academy was designed for Child Protective Service Investigators. The Academy is a non-consecutive three week program focusing on how to conduct thorough investigations. All CPS Investigators will graduate from this academy. The academy began in November 2013 and it is anticipated that all CPS investigators will complete training through 2016.

To ensure the academy meets the needs of the investigators, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spent time shadowing the Department of Children’s Services investigators in both urban and rural regions across Tennessee. The courses are evidencebased and will provide DCS investigators with the knowledge and tools to do their job efficiently and effectively. Some of the classes provided were courses on Human Trafficking, the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, Medical Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse, Conflict Management and Case File Documentation and Presentation.

Please see below for some of the confirmed attendees:

Commissioner Jim Henry, Department of Children’s Services

Commissioner Larry Martin, Department of Finance and Administration

Greg Adams, Chief Operating Officer of the Governor’s Office

Mark Cate, Chief of Staff of the Governor’s Office

If you would like additional information on the courses for this academy, please send a request.

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