MEMPHIS, TENN. – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department have charged a Tipton County woman with reckless homicide and aggravated assault resulting in death for in the fatal shooting of her husband over the weekend.

Angela Brewer, 43, of Brighton, Tenn. was arrested yesterday and booked into the Tipton County Jail without bond. Yesterday morning at approximately 5:30, Brewer woke up from sleeping with her husband in their home located at 7284 Highway 14 South and believed she heard an intruder. She obtained shotgun from the couple’s gun case and loaded and cocked the weapon then proceeded to look out of the front and back of the home, not seeing anyone. Brewer then went to wake her husband, 37-year-old William “Stan” Brewer, Jr., and placed the weapon in the bed pointing the barrel of the gun at his head. When she leaned over to wake him, her hand was on the weapon and the shotgun discharged shooting and killing him. The District Attorney General requested TBI investigate the shooting.