NASHVILLE-The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s case against a Big Sandy, TN man resulted in a charge for the Bribery of a Public Servant.

Yesterday afternoon, Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis received a phone call from Russell Eugene Downing III, age 37, stating that he wanted the Sheriff to tell a county subcommittee that he had no interest in keeping a location of county property that is currently being utilized by the Sheriff’s Office as an impound lot. Downing sent the Sheriff a text that he would pay him back the 5,000 dollars that he borrowed from him if he told the subcommittee that he wanted the property sold. The Sheriff did not loan any money to Downing. In a recorded phone call, Downing repeated his statements about the payment and what he wanted the Sheriff to do. TBI agents arrested Downing last night without incident.

Currently, Downing’s motive and connections to the property are still under investigation. He was booked in the Humphreys County Jail on a 2,500 dollars bond.