HOUSTON COUNTY – Three trustees of the Houston County Jail have been charged in connection to the theft of drugs from the sheriff department’s evidence room.

At the request of 23rd District Attorney General Ray Crouch, TBI special agents began investigating the theft on February 22nd, immediately after the department reported the issue and requested an independent review. Agents subsequently developed information leading to Jesse Lee Lemons (DOB 1-16-96) as the individual who broke into the evidence room and stole drugs. Agents also learned Seth Carter Lamberth (DOB 3-16-83), and Daniel Evan Barrett (DOB 5-15-84) assisted in the effort, and that all three men ingested the drugs within the jail facility.

On Tuesday, agents served warrants on the three men, charging Lemons (LEFT BELOW) with one count of Burglary, one count of Theft, one count of Tampering with Evidence, and one count of Introduction of Drugs into a Penal Institution. The warrants charged Lamberth (MIDDLE) with one count each of Theft, Tampering with Evidence, and Introduction of Drugs into a Penal Institution, and Barrett (RIGHT) with one count of Tampering with Evidence. At the time of this release, all three men remained in the custody of the Houston County Jail.