At the request of 10th District Attorney General Stephen Crump, TBI Agents continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding an exchange of gunfire between officers and a subject in McMinn County during a foot pursuit early this morning.

Preliminary information indicates the incident occurred late Monday night at a location near 125 County Road 67 in McMinn County, where deputies were pursuing a man identified as Nicholas Boyd Nunley (DOB: 6/22/81). Nunley reportedly drove his vehicle into a wooded area and fled on foot, after which deputies chased him on foot. As he ran from deputies, Nunley reportedly turned and fired upon the pursuing deputies, who returned fire, but did not hit him. Nunley reportedly ran into a bathhouse on the property and refused to surrender to deputies, leading to a standoff. After negotiating with Nunley for a period of approximately two hours, the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department used an armored vehicle and struck the building. Nunley ultimately surrendered to deputies, who arrested him.

Neither Nunley nor any deputy was struck during the exchange of gunfire, but a deputy did sustain minor injuries during the pursuit and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

TBI Agents continue to gather any and all relevant evidence and interviews in support of this ongoing investigation. Throughout the process, investigative findings will be passed along to the District Attorney General for his review and consideration.

The TBI does not identify the law enforcement officers involved in these types of incidents and instead refers questions of that nature to their respective agencies.