UPDATE: Monday, April 29th, 12:15P Central: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has confirmed the identities of the seven victims killed in crimes discovered in Sumner County over the weekend.

The six individuals found deceased at a home at 1177 Charles Brown Road have been identified as:

  • David Carl Cummins (DOB: 10/31/1967), the father of Michael Cummins
  • Clara Jane Cummins (DOB: 12/06/1974), the mother of Michael Cummins
  • Charles Edward Hosale (DOB: 09/22/1973), the uncle of Michael Cummins
  • Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee (DOB: 11/11/1975)
    • Efforts to clarify her relationship to Cummins remained ongoing at the time of this release.
  • Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee (DOB: 05/19/2006), Rachel’s daughter
  • Marsha Elizabeth Nuckols (DOB: 04/19/1955), Rachel’s mother

The victim found deceased in her home at 1555 Luby Brown Road has been identified as Shirley B. Fehrle (DOB: 12/22/1949). She has no known relationship to Michael Cummins.

An eighth victim, also a relative of Michael Cummins, remains in critical condition.

UPDATE: Sunday, April 28th, 3:15P Central: TBI Forensic Scientists, processing the scene on Charles Brown Road, have found a sixth body in the home. This brings the total to seven deaths and one critical injury. Efforts to identify the victims remain ongoing at this time.

UPDATE: Sunday, April 28th, 1:20P Central: We are now confirming a sixth fatality in this ongoing homicide investigation. The body of a fifth victim was found during the ongoing effort to process the Charles Brown Road scene. Efforts to identify all of the victims remain ongoing.

At the request of 18 District Attorney General Ray Whitley, TBI Special Agents continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the homicides of seven individuals in Sumner County, along with the officer-involved shooting of the suspect in the set of crimes.

TBI Agents began investigating the deaths on Saturday evening, shortly after authorities, responding to a 911 call from a family member, found the bodies of four individuals in a home in the 1100 block of Charles Brown Road. They also found a fifth, injured victim at the scene, and medics transported the individual to the hospital. Authorities soon learned of a second scene, a short distance away in the 1500 block of Luby Brown Road, where they discovered another deceased individual. TBI Forensic Scientists processing the scene on Charles Brown Road located the body of the fifth and sixth homicide victims at that location on Sunday. Efforts to identify the victims and notify their appropriate next-of-kin remain ongoing. The bodies will be sent to Nashville for autopsies.

During the course of the investigation, authorities developed information leading to Michael Cummins (DOB: 9-8-93) as the suspect in the crimes. During the coordinated search by law enforcement agencies from across the region, TBI employed its aircraft and located, in a creek bed approximately one mile from the first scene, indications of an individual. More than a dozen law enforcement officers from the county’s joint SWAT Team went to that location, where they encountered Cummins. The situation escalated, for reasons under investigation, and resulted in at least one officer firing his service weapon, striking Cummins. Medics transported him to a local hospital for treatment with injuries that were not immediately believed to be life-threatening. No law enforcement officers sustained injuries in the arrest effort.

TBI Agents and Forensic Scientists continue to gather relevant evidence and interviews in support of both the homicide investigations and the investigation into the officer-involved shooting. Efforts to identify the motive in the homicides, along with Cummins’ relationships with the victims remains ongoing. In turn, all investigative findings will be forwarded to the District Attorney General for his further review and consideration.

The TBI does not identify the law enforcement officers involved in these types of incidents, and instead refers questions of that nature to their respective departments.

Any updates on this investigation will be posted on TBINewsroom.com.