UPDATE: Ongoing investigative efforts have determined Clarksville SWAT officers did not enter the apartment unit. Instead, the investigation has revealed Vaughn stepped from the unit with the weapons, which ultimately led to the shooting in the breezeway near the apartment unit.

UPDATE: The deceased subject has been identified as James Vaughn (DOB 8-11-68).

At the request of 19th District Attorney General John Carney, TBI Agents continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding a deadly officer-involved shooting this afternoon in Clarksville.

Preliminary information indicates the incident started with a barricaded subject, who was the ex-boyfriend of a woman who went missing recently in Middle Tennessee. Authorities obtained information about the individual’s whereabouts at an apartment of a family acquaintance on Big Sky Drive in Clarksville and attempted to discuss the matter with him. However, over an initial period of several hours, the individual showed no willingness to cooperate with officers and refused to communicate with them. The situation escalated further and resulted in SWAT officers from the Clarksville Police Department breaching the apartment’s door at approximately 1:00 PM, after which the subject fired several shots in the general direction of the officers. Subsequent efforts to diffuse the situation, including tear gas and negotiation efforts, were unsuccessful and, at approximately 3:30 PM, SWAT officers again breached the apartment’s door, only to be met by the subject holding two weapons. The subject reportedly pointed the weapons in the direction of the officers, who fired upon him, striking him several times, killing him. The TBI will identify the deceased subject after ensuring proper notification to his next-of-kin.

The TBI will identify the deceased subject after ensuring proper notification to his next-of-kin.

No law enforcement officers sustained injury during the incident.

TBI Agents continue to gather any and all relevant evidence, interviews, and information. A team of Special Agent/Forensic Scientists has also been dispatched to the scene to process and gather relevant evidence. Throughout the investigative process, findings will be shared with the District Attorney General. As a reminder: In all investigations, the TBI acts solely as ‘fact-finders.’ Any determination about the legality of the actions of the officer/s involved in these types of matters rests solely with the District Attorney General.

The TBI does not identify the officers involved in these types of matters, and instead refers questions of that nature to their respective department/s.

If available, additional details about this investigation will be posted to TBINewsroom.com.