JACKSON – A two-day operation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Dyersburg Police Department, and Homeland Security Investigations has resulted in the arrest of 12 men on prostitution-related and human trafficking charges.

The Dyersburg operation, called “Operation Someone Like Me”, took place this week and focused on identifying potential victims of human trafficking, while targeting those attempting to purchase illicit sex. Over the two-day period, undercover Special Agents posted three ads online each day. In that time, there were 197 unique contacts made to these ads, and more than 4-thousand messages were exchanged between undercover Agents and potential johns/ traffickers. A total of 12 men responded to those ads and attempted to purchase sex from a prostitute.

This is the 9th time the TBI has worked with partner local agencies across the state to help identify, investigate and prosecute trafficking. Dyersburg Police Chief Steven Isbell’s agency participated in this most recent operation. “The message is clear; we will not tolerate the sexual exploitation of any person in our community,” says Isbell. “Our responsibility as a community is to ensure that no child, or adult, falls victim to a sexual predator.”

Ten individuals were given citations. Two were physically arrested; their booking photos are below. Those charged include:

  • Ricky Green, 5/14/1963, Sharon, TN –Patronizing Prostitution
  • Nick Hayes, 1/25/1983, Tiptonville, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • John Leddy, 1/17/1976, Enville, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • Brad Hobbs, 4/6/1981, Kenton, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • James Boothe, 10/6/1979, Memphis, TN – Promoting Prostitution of a Minor, Promoting Prostitution of an Adult, misdemeanor drug possession. $100,000 bond.
  • Michael Wilder, 3/26/1979, Rienzi, MS – Patronizing Prostitution. Being held on warrant out of MS for parole violation. $35,000 bond.
  • Chris Sherron, 12/9/1988, Dyersburg, MS – Patronizing Prostitution
  • William Kirk, 3/14/1964, Memphis, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • Quinton Kimble, 10/26/1981, Union City, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • Jeremy Gattis, 10/4/1986, Trenton, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • Joseph Bradley, 12/3/1990, Newbern, TN – Patronizing Prostitution
  • Jeffrey Gillette, 9/2/1960, Columbus, OH – Patronizing Prostitution


James Boothe


Michael Wilder