The Tennessee Fusion Center, housed at TBI Headquarters, is seeking interested and qualified candidates for the following open position.

Tennessee Fusion Center
IT Business Administrator – Lead
Minimum Salary = $4,736/month

tfcThe TN Fusion Center was created to enhance information sharing between federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and acts as a clearinghouse for intelligence information.  While this position will report to Strategic Technology Solutions (STS) in support of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, the position will be working from TBI’s Headquarters.  This opportunity requires well rounded IT and organizational skills.  Applicants for the position must pass a thorough background check through TBI and a Secret Clearance through Homeland Security.

The candidate would work closely with customers and vendors to develop written requirements for system repairs, system enhancements and proposals for new systems. The candidate would be responsible for proposing and overseeing system operational budget for the program. The candidate would work closely with systems support vendors to develop solutions.

The daily activities associated with this position include but are not limited to reviewing system logs to locate and correct problem situations, taking trouble calls from customers, developing and reviewing measurement systems to illustrate health of the various systems, preparing measurement illustrations, and meeting with area leaders to better understand their ideas and turn those ideas into system development strategies.

The position requires strong communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written, while working with all levels of the agency’s organizations and support vendors.

The ideal candidate would have technical skills and experience in the Windows 2008, 2012 and Linux Operating Systems platforms.  The ideal candidate would need skills and experience with operating sub-systems such as IIS and Tomcat, platform configuration options and operational tools associated with the platforms.  The ideal candidate would have exposure to a variety of programming languages including but not limited to Java, VB, C++ and SQL as well as the full line of Microsoft Office suite.

Here is the link to apply by the 2/28 deadline: