NASHVILLE – Casework by Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has resulted in criminal charges for a Nashville man accused of pointing a handgun at detectives attempting to arrest him.

At the request of 21st District Attorney General Kim Helper, TBI Agents began investigating the officer-involved shooting of Fred W. Jarvis, Jr. shortly after it occurred on September 24th at a home in Bon Aqua. Earlier in the day, detectives and deputies from the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office and Hickman County Sheriff’s Department were attempting to serve arrest warrants on Jarvis and a second subject at the subject’s home on Wayne Road. After locating and arresting that individual, detectives learned Jarvis was hiding inside the house. They subsequently searched the home and found Jarvis in the bottom of a closet, beneath a blanket and clothing. When Detectives ordered Jarvis to exit the closet, he produced a handgun and pointed it at the detectives. One of the detectives shot Jarvis, rendering a non-life-threatening injury. TBI Agents later determined the handgun was a toy replica that had been altered to simulate a real gun.

After receiving treatment for his wound, Jarvis was booked into the Hickman County Jail on two counts of Aggravated Assault. At the time of this release, the 43-year-old was being held on $100,000 bond.

Fred W. Jarvis Jr.