Chattanooga-The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation along with assistance from the Chattanooga Police Department, obtained an indictment for Official Misconduct and Theft of Property after an investigation yielded evidence of missing property from evidence bags in the property room of the Chattanooga Police Department.

On December 18, 2013 and at the request of the District Attorney General Bill Cox, TBI launched an investigation into missing evidence from the property room at the Chattanooga Police Department. Several days earlier, the Major Crimes Division of the Chattanooga Police Department began an investigation into the possibility of missing evidence. Property technicians discovered evidence bags that appeared to have missing contents. Sergeant Kevin Kincer of the Chattanooga Police Department was responsible for oversight of daily operations of the property room.

After a comprehensive inventory of the property room and a thorough investigation from the Chattanooga Police Department and TBI, there was evidence that indicated Kincer’s involvement in the missing evidence. On February 3, 2014, the case was presented to a Hamilton County Grand Jury, which returned indictments on Kevin Kincer for three counts of Official Misconduct and three counts of Theft of Property.

This afternoon, Kevin Kincer surrendered himself to the Hamilton County Jail, where he had a bond of $2500. At the time of this release, Kincer has bonded out of jail.