NASHVILLE-The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s recent addition to the state’s Top Ten Most Wanted list, Tiffany Lynne Jordan-Johnson, has been captured.

This morning at approximately 7:45, Jordan-Johnson was arrested without incident by TBI agents and members of the U.S. Marshals Task Force. She was taken into custody on Hillside Avenue in Nashville.

At the request of the District Attorney General’s Office of Victor Johnson, TBI began an investigation for incidents that occurred between November 2012 and March 2103 involving Jordan-Johnson who was pregnant at the time. She convinced seven different potential adoptive families and/or adoption agencies who represented potential adoptive families that, upon the birth of her child, Jordan-Johnson would allow them to adopt her newborn child. Jordan-Johnson told each of the families that she was adopting exclusively with them. Jordan-Johnson signed lease documents and received funds from potential parents and adoption agencies for her rent and living expenses. In actuality, Jordan-Johnson was living in rent-free government subsidized housing.  Many of the potential parents purchased items and planned baby showers in anticipation of Jordan-Johnson’s expected child.  She met with various representatives of the potential adoptive families at her Madison home on North Dupont Avenue.

Jordan-Johnson gave birth to child number seven in April 2013 in Dyer, TN. Jordan-Johnson has five other children who are in the custody of her mother. The whereabouts of the most recent child born, as well as the location of child number six, are unknown and is being investigated.

Tiffany Jordan-Johnson was wanted by the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Currently, Jordan-Johnson has been charged with 7 felony counts of Illegal Payments in Connection with the Placement of a Child, 6 counts of Theft, 2 felony counts of Forgery and 1 count of Attempted Forgery.