NASHVILLE – An investigation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has resulted in the indictment and arrest of a Lebanon man charged with theft from his stepfather’s estate.

On June 12th, at the request of 18th Judicial District Attorney General Ray Whitley, TBI agents began investigating Roger Dale Garrison. Garrison served as the power of attorney for his stepfather Talmadge Owen and his mother Agnes Owen. Agents learned that between October 2009 and December 2010, Garrison moved a Certificate of Deposit valued at about $140,000 to a Westmoreland bank account in Garrison’s name and wrote himself checks from Talmadge’s account for more than a year after the death of his stepfather.

On November 5th, a Sumner County Grand Jury indicted Garrison, charging the 56-year old man with Financial Transactions from Felony Theft Proceeds and Theft of Property. Today, Garrison was arrested and booked into the Sumner County jail where he is being held on a $10,000 bond.